About Direct Fleet Insurance

Direct Fleet Insurance is a unique Internet Insurance Marketplace where Brokers on behalf of Fleet Owners, can obtain a quote for their fleet of vehicles directly with the specialist fleet insurers. It also allows Insurers to compete openly with one another in a bidding process similar to other online auctions sites: our goal is to deliver the highest quality fleet insurance for the lowest cost.

There are many advantages to placing vehicle fleets with Direct Fleet Insurance:

  • Direct Fleet Insurance provides the cheapest route to market.
  • For the first time Brokers are guaranteed access to all insurers, not just those that they regularly contact.
  • Brokers can see all of the Insurer quotes and make the choice themselves. The process is totally transparent.
  • The bidding process ensures that the true market value for any given fleet is achieved, a novel and unique facility in the Insurance market.
  • Insurers can see, for the first time, exactly what their competitors are prepared to pay for any given fleet and quote or requote appropriately. Competition will increase.
  • The Fleet policies and schedules are managed online and are accessible 24/7. You can add or delete vehicles to your own schedule online. All correspondence relating to the Fleet Insurance is handled seamlessly by the site.