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Using Direct Fleet Insurance will provide you with all the benefits previously listed and specifically lower the cost of insurance by allowing ALL insurers to compete for your client's fleet business. You have total control over bid acceptance and are at no time obligated to accept any offer of insurance through the site.

How do I create a user account?

As a Broker you should select the Register for a new Broker Account button on the site Home Page. You will then be asked to fill in your account details. Once completed, an email will be sent to the specified address and you will then be able to login as a Registered User on the site Home Page.

How are my client's fleet details entered on the site?

Once registered as a Broker, you must now enter the details of each Client prior to creating their Fleet Schedules and before submitting each Fleet for bidding. This is done by selecting the Register New Client Account link from the main menu and entering the details of the Client. Once completed, you may then click on a client account to enter or update schedule information.

You must let us know if you currently hold your client's fleet business or not.

To create your client's schedule, you will find the process straightforward and the screens familiar and intuitive to use. Once logged in you start by choosing the Client's account from the list and then selecting the Create New Schedule button. You will then be prompted to Add Vehicle at which point you should follow the largely automated process of entering your fleet details.

You may logoff at any time throughout the creation of the schedule and your fleet details will be retained to the point at which you last selected Add Vehicle. Once the schedule has been entered to your satisfaction, you should select the Create Lot from Schedule button to submit your fleet to the bidding process. You will then have the option to Confirm Lot and view a summary of your fleet details. Selecting Confirm Lot will submit your fleet details to the Insurers for bidding.

Please note that Direct Fleet Insurance has no influence over any additional charges you as a Broker might negotiate or levy upon your clients for the use of this site.

How will I know if an Insurer has placed a bid?

You may login and select View Bidding at any time to review the activity and interest in your clients' fleets. You can also elect to receive emails whenever a bid is placed on one of your risks.

What happens when the bidding ends?

Throughout the bidding process, courtesy emails will have been forwarded to each of the other insurers at any time their bids were undercut.

When the bidding ends, you are invited to logon and review the available bids. You are not obligated to accept the lowest bid, or indeed any of the bids. In the event that you wish to accept a bid, you select the Accept Bid button adjacent to the desired bid and an email confirmation will be sent to that Insurer informing them that they have won the risk. Direct Fleet Insurance will issue a cover note on behalf of your selected Insurer typically within 1 working day.

Can I update any schedule once it is entered on the site?

Yes, you can access and update your schedule at any time when you login. The only time the schedule is unavailable to update is during the bidding process. This is to ensure that the Insurers have a clear understanding of the fleet upon which they are bidding.

Immediately upon acceptance of a bid and after the inception of the policy, you may update your client's schedule at any time. When you add and/or delete vehicles from their schedule, we automatically advise their insurer and, where applicable, the Motor Insurers' Database (MID).

You can also make other changes to your client's policy during the course of the year, such as change of address, addition/deletion of drivers and changes to cover on specific vehicles (comprehensive to third party fire and theft, for instance). All changes are immediately advised to their insurer and appropriate premiums calculated.

What happens if my client needs to make a claim?

Follow the instructions in the policy document as you would normally do.

What happens when my client's fleet insurance is due for renewal?

When your client's fleet insurance is due for renewal, select the Fleets Requiring Immediate Action link from the main menu. This will present you with a series of modified menus similar to those encountered when you first submitted your client.s fleet. At this time you will be invited to Add or Remove vehicles, update the mileage figures (the site will automatically recalculate the value for you) and update the current Claims Experience.

Once the schedule has been updated to reflect changes to your client's fleet over the past year, you have only to then select the Create Lot from Schedule button to resubmit your client's fleet to the Insurers.

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